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Using fiber cloth (commonly used polyester fiber cloth) as the substrate, after pre-treatment, an electroplated metal coating is applied to give it metallic properties. The conductive cloth pad is suitable for electromagnetic shielding, anti-static (ESD), and grounding of various electronic devices. It has various forms and is widely used in products such as communication, computers, automatic control devices, and mobile phones.

Conductive sponge is produced by the foaming technology of polymer composite materials, with uniform pore size, softness, and elasticity. It is widely used in computers, LCD displays, LCD TVs, laser printers, high-speed copiers, communication equipment, mobile phones, satellite communication, medical equipment, high pressure testing, instrument instruments, plug-in electronic products, and shockproof conductive packaging.

Conductive foam refers to wrapping a conductive cloth on a flame-retardant sponge, which, after a series of treatments, has good surface conductivity. Its material is very light, and it can have electromagnetic shielding performance. The electrostatic protection performance of the dominant product is also permanent. Widely used in electronic products such as PDP televisions, LCD monitors, LCD televisions, mobile phones, laptops, MP3s, communication cabinets, medical instruments, as well as military and aerospace fields.

Aluminum foil can improve the thermal dissipation performance and durability of electronic products. It can effectively reduce the heat loss of electronic products, improve their durability, and extend their service life. In addition, aluminum foil can also be attached to various substrates, such as metals, insulation materials, etc., to enhance the insulation and electromagnetic shielding performance of electronic products, in order to protect electronic components from external interference.

Copper foil has low surface oxygen characteristics and can adhere to various substrates, such as metals and insulation materials, with a wide temperature range of use. Mainly used for electromagnetic shielding and anti-static, conductive copper foil is placed on the substrate, combined with metal substrate, with excellent conductivity and providing electromagnetic shielding effect. It can be divided into: self-adhesive copper foil, double conductive copper foil, single conductive copper foil, etc. The product is widely used in the electronic information industry.


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